Good Deeds

  • May 1, 2020

Seems like I just wrote our first blog on April 1st, and here we are one month later...Same (bleep), different day?!  Seriously, as terrible as we thought 30 days was going to be, parts of it went by extremely fast.  As we go in to 30 more days of stay-at-home, we are starting to understand what really matters.
For my family, there isn't a year that goes by that we don't re-watch the 1993 Jimmy Valvano speech at the Espy's.  It always seems to put things in perspective for us... he said "every day you should do three things:
1.  Laugh
2. Think
3. Have your emotions brought to tears (of joy or sadness)
if you do those 3 things - you have had a FULL DAY!"
As we think about how we have spent the last 30 days, how many of those have been FULL? Not full of work, not full of exercise, not full of anxiety, but full of the 3 things listed above?  Possibly the next 30 days we can make ourselves a priority and actually work on accomplishing these three things that seem so simple, but truly are fulfilling!
We know all too well how quickly things can change (your job, your health, your life) it is time to start taking hold of the three things that will bring us a full day!
I hope today you have thought, I hope you have been brought to tears (of joy or sadness) and now I want to help you laugh...
Standard Rule has a limited supply of t-shirts without sleeves. That's right, some of the tees that have been filling the shelves at our office have been enhanced by our trusty workers by removing the sleeves for masks - so we are going to make these available for you to show off the donation for good deeds!  GOOD DEEDS, NO SLEEVES! :)
Remember to Keep your head high and your hands clean!
One more quick quote from Jimmy V...."Don't give up, don't ever give up"!

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